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Leisure Vouchers

Leisure Vouchers

Restaurants, Takeaways & Bars - Gifts & Occasions - Travel - Health & Beauty - Sports, Fitness & Outdoors

Leisure Vouchers are the "Original Lifestyle Voucher" and can be spent at multiple retailers including restaurants, hotels, theatres, days-out, shops, and more.

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More about Leisure Vouchers

Leisure Vouchers are available as paper vouchers or gift cards. There is a list of retailers/partners where they are accepted which you should check carefully as the list changes from time to time. You should announce early to the staff you will be paying with Leisure gift vouchers incase they are unfamiliar and want assurance from head office. 

When paying with a paper voucher, no change will be given, so you will have to supplement their value up to the full price, or bear a loss if the voucher value is more than the bill. The staff don't see any of the value either, so take this into account if you want to leave a tip. They can't be used online. Each Leisure Voucher has its own expiry date written on the back to a maximum of three years, so take careful note.

Gift Cards last 2 years from purchase. There is a link on their homepage to a balance checker.

We value Leisure Vouchers slightly higher than those of their partners. For example you can use them in HMV, Waterstones or for TheatreTokens, but they are worth slightly more than any of the equivalent gift cards on Cardyard because of their flexibility.

These discounted Leisure Vouchers can be used in any stores that accept Leisure Vouchers and gift cards in the UK. See for more information about where you can spend these discount vouchers.

All information on this website is written by Cardyard. For the official LeisureVouchers website click here