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Chicken + sauce = lip smacking good in 339 UK restaurants.

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More about Nandos

Nando's issue plastic and digital gift cards that last 18 months from last spend or top up.

How to redeem: They are for IN STORE use only. They cannot be used to order food and purchase on-line.

How to balance check: They can only be balance checked in store.

If you subsequently give your card to somebody else, you will need to update the details on the website by logging in with the gift card number and email address with which you registered - beware the email is case sensitve. Once registered you are protected from loss of the gift card.

To find out the expiry date of your Nandos Gift Card, goto their Facebook page and Send Message with the card number and request for expiry date.

You can also use a Restaurant Choice gift card in Nando's.

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