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Sainsbury’s has over 1,200 supermarkets across the UK. Sainsbury's doesn't just sell food, larger stores also sell clothing and homewares.

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More about Sainsbury's

Sainsbury's gift cards expire two years from last transaction or top up. Sainsbury's provide assurance by allowing cards to be registered in case of loss or theft, provide excellent customer service and have a great product range

e-Gift Card: Can be used in-store and online, but for online use they are only good for upto £50 each online order

Instore e-Gift Card: They are for in store use ONLY. The only downside is the cards cannot be used online nor at Sainsbury's petrol stations. You cannot use eGift cards for your online shopping as it has fixed 8 digits which don't correspond with the card numbers provided.

How to balance check: You can get a balance check done in store or over the phone. The number is 0800 636 262 press the option 2 , 3 and 1. As well as the balance figure, they also tell you the expiry date which is the date of last transaction plus 2 years. e-Gift cards can also be balance checked in the online checkout.

 Using the automated phone service requires revealing the PIN. If you have or want a Nectar card, you can register online and enter your gift card details and this way does not require the PIN. However, it does mean your gift card is registered to you meaning they are no longer transferable, and you have to have a Nectar card.

Sainsbury's also issue Refund Cards which are not accepted or sold on Cardyard.

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