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Topman sells mens fashion and clothing, including shoes, shirts, suits, leisurewear and accessories. Use these discount gift cards to make a Topman student discount go further, or to get more money off in the Topman sale. There are over 250 Topman stores around the UK. Topshop is part of the Arcadia group.

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More about Topman

Topman issues plastic and digital gift cards which, like gift cards from all shops within the Arcadia group, can be used in any of the Arcadia Group stores (excluding those within department stores) and online. Arcadia gift cards last 2 years from purchase, and cannot be extended. There is an online balance checker which requires the card number and PIN. It does not display expiry date.

You can register your gift card (PIN required) in case of loss or theft.

These discount Topman gift cards can be spent online or in associated UK stores including Burton, Dorothy Perkins, Evans, Miss Selfridge, Outfit, Topshop, Topman and Wallis.

In order to carry out any online activity, such as spend online, or make an online balance enquiry, you must reveal the 4 digit PIN by carefully removing the scratch-off panel on the reverse of the card. Once the PIN is revealed the gift card is still fully valid and can be spent in store and sold to us.

When spending in store or dealing with customer services, you do not need the card PIN. Note that calling the automated Topman Gift Card Balance Enquiry service will require the entry of your PIN, but speaking to customer services does not. The only way to discover the expiry date on the card is to call customer services which can entail a short wait on-hold but they are really lovely. Topping up a Gift Card will NOT extend its expiry date.

You can register your Topman gift card on their website. There is no need to do this as a gift card is activated at purchase. The benefit of registering is in case of loss or theft when they may be able to assist by cancelling and re-issuing. See their website containing FAQs below.

All information on this website is written by Cardyard. For the official Topman website and the Gift Card section click here.