A Gift Card for the Doctor

https://s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/cy-photo/news/151129-drwho.jpg http://www.bbc.co.uk/doctorwho Peter Capaldi in Hell Bent, to be screened 5th December © BBC

Which gift card should you give a Time Lord?

Emerging from his confession dial after 2 billion years, the Doctor's relief at returning home to Galifry must have been tinged with concern over his gift cards. Would they have expired? Well of course, it depends on which ones he has.

Amazon's 10 year gift card, despite being one of the most enduring, is no use to the Doctor. However, there are some gift cards that never expire:

Selfridges, Google Play, and TK Maxx plastic gift cards last forever. Theatre Tokens are paper vouchers which have no expiry date, and if you trade in an item at CEX, their vouchers are endless.

Marks & Spencers paper gift vouchers never expire. I have some twenty year old vouchers which are still being honoured. Not to be outdone, John Lewis and Boots paper vouchers will also never let you down. However, none of these paper vouchers can be obtained from the retailer any longer, but can be found occasionally on Cardyard of course.

What now for the Doctor? Catch up with him on Saturday 5th December 8pm for the last episode of the series, Hell Bent. It will take something special for Peter Capaldi to top yesterday's one-hander. Will we find out his real name, perhaps?

29th of November, 2015More blog posts