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CeX operate 320 exchange stores in the UK

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More about CeX

CeX issue paper and electronic vouchers that can be spent in-store and online. They never expire, and show an expiry date after the year 3000. Promotional eVouchers have identical buying power but expire after 18 months. When you spend a voucher, any unused amount is issued as a new voucher. When spending online, the new eVoucher is sent to the email registered on the spending account which is what you would expect.

How to redeem: You use the vouchers in the checkout.

How to balance check: You can only check the balance in the checkout

Paper vouchers have the customer name on them, but CeX have assured us they are fully transferrable.

Enjoy savings next time you shop at CeX with one of our discounted CeX vouchers. Alternatively, if you have an unwanted CeX voucher, you can sell your voucher to us for cash.

For more information visit the payment help pages on the CeX site

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