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The largest pharmacy store in the UK, they don't sell boots, but do sell scholl insoles. Also good for photos, electical and opticians. They have their own brands like Soltan and No. 7.

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More about Boots

Boots issue plastic gift cards (24 months, extendable) and e-vouchers (12 months, non-extendable). Boots gift cards can only be spent in Boots stores, whereas the e-vouchers can only be used online. It appears that each type of voucher is processed by a different part of the business.

To check the balance, call the new number 0345 120 5677.

Enjoy savings next time you shop at Boots with one of our discounted Boots gift cards. Alternatively, if you have an unwanted Boots gift card, you can sell your gift card to us for cash.

Boots gift cards have always been a popular choice on Cardyard, but there is very little information on the Boots website. When we have spoken to Boots, they have always been very flexible and accomodating. They say they will consolidate smaller value gift cards onto a new large value at the till, and even re-activate expired cards though we haven't tested this.

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