Buyer 42 day balance guarantee


When you buy a card from Cardyard, you are covered by our 42 day balance guarantee. This covers your gift card for 6 weeks from purchase. Should there be a balance discrepancy during this period, we will refund or replace the difference.

We request you spend your gift card as soon as possible, and don't lose sight of it. If you don't spend it in a couple of days, before you know, 2 months have passed. We suggest you do not purchase a gift card from Cardyard until you are ready to spend it, and then spend it as soon as possible.

The retailer will have a longer expiry period on the gift card, but we only guarantee the balance on a gift card bought from us for 6 weeks. So have a spend plan in place before you buy the gift card from Cardyard, then spend it as soon as possible.

Because of this short "Spend by" date, gift cards bought from Cardyard are not suitable for gifting.

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