UK law

  • How am I protected as a seller?

    When you send us a gift card, you enter the details into our website, and sometimes email the gift card to us. This results in an audit trail which you can monitor and reference. We verify the gift card and in the rare case of a discrepancy, we can compare our findings to the card or egift you have sent. You will receive an update at each stage, and if there is any discrepancy we will contact you directly. Everybody gets paid the agreed value of their card.We process over a thousand card each week and pay many hundreds of sellers direct to their bank or PayPal account. Its easy to become one of them, just work through our sell page and send us your gift card.You sell your gift card to Cardyard, and although we sell it on to a buyer, you don't have to deal with them at all.We are governed by our terms and conditions and our customer service charter. We are happy to clarify anything with our customers.
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  • How am I protected as a buyer?

    Gift cards on this website are sold by Cardyard Ltd, and you are protected under UK Consumer Rights Act 2015. Gift cards are classed as a digital product, and are exempt from the Consumer Contracts Regulation, and we make that clear in the checkout - your right to cancel is lost once a card is dispatched. However, if you change your mind after purchase, we offer a refund process once you agree to our buyer remorse terms.Although Cardyard is classed as an exchange, we offer much more protection than a typical marketplace. We verify each gift card we sell, and you only have to deal with us, and we uphold full UK Consumer rights.
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  • What happens to the photo ID you requested?

    Once you reach a certain threshold as a seller or as a buyer, we must verify your billing address. To do so, we ask for a photo of your drivers licence, or a photo of your passport and utility bill (you don't need to send photo of utility bill if you send us a drivers licence). If you are a seller, you will need to complete your bank details as we will not pay into PayPal over a certain threshold. We use a third party security company to verify your details. They follow a strict protocol to ensure your details remain within their company, and are hidden from their employees and agents (we use a web interface). This makes our enquiries anonymous.Your information is protected within Cardyard by our privacy policy.We are registered with the ICO who enforce GDPR and the Data Protection Act. You can find our registration on their search page
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  • Due Diligence

    The process of due diligence is the verification of your identity to satisfy our anti-fraud checks and legal obligations such as Anti Money Laundering. We may send details to our trusted credit reference agency TransUnion. The data we may send are email, phone, address, bank account details, driving licence details* and passport details*. We will only send your details if you are selling a gift card to us with a greater value than our threshold value, or you are buying gift cards from us and our security system has flagged the transaction as risky. You will be informed before your details are sent. The act of sending this information will not be registered against you by TransUnion, and will have no effect on any other applications you make for any other service.For more information on TransUnion's privacy policy, follow the link* Note, we will only be able to send your driving licence and passport details to our credit reference agency if you have supplied them to us by request.
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  • Retailer gift card terms and conditions

    Gift Cards are big business in the UK. There are many intermediaries and resellers, so to protect themselves, retailers put terms and conditions on their cards that are binding on the person who purchases them. Terms like cannot be exchanged for cash refer to retailers reluctance to take back the card. Occasionally we have seen the term cannot be resold, and although this restricts the purchaser of the card, it may not be enforceable on consumers; it is designed as a part of reseller and bulk purchasing agreements. One thing is certain, if you receive a gift card as a gift, none of the restrictions are enforceable as there is no consideration (no payment of money by you). You can do what you want with the card and can pass on the benefit in any way you choose, such as selling the gift card for cash.When we buy the gift card from you, there is consideration (we pay you money) and we have our own terms and conditions.
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